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    Latest Osteoporosis News - November 10th 2009

    General Osteoporosis and Lifestyle News

    It is not often that we hear of a positive side effect associated with taking osteoporosis drugs. In provisional experiments it seems that the use of Evista (estrogen receptor molecule raloxifene) may lead to a decrease in cervical cancer in mice; this is because the hormone estrogen plays a active role in cervical cells and is involved in the induction of cancer growth; Evista acts to block the hormones action. In addition to Evista the drug Faslodex (fulvestrant), which is used to combat breast cancer was used in the research. It was reported in the daily mail that in eleven out of thirteen cases cervical cancer was eliminated when the drugs were used.

    In osteoporosis drug development news Zosano Pharma announced that its rapid-delivery trans-dermal patch, presently known as ZP-PTH as proved successful in a phase two study. The news is reported by business wire who report findings published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. The trial involved 165 patients and the use of the ZP-PTH patch led to bone mineral density increases in the lumbar spine and the hips compared to placebo or to injected Forteo (human parathyroid hormone teriparatide). The Zosano Pharma company is hopeful that the development of a patch to deliver osteoporosis treatments will be a painless alternative to the use of injections to deliver drugs such as Forteo.

    Reuters reports on a study carried out in the journal of bone and joint surgery that suggests aggressive management of people at high risk from osteoporosis could reduce the incident of hip fractures by a quarter. The study investigated fracture incident rates in over 650,000 people over the age of 50 who were following the Kaiser Permanente management program. It found that there was a 38% reduction in the number of hip fractures expected during a five year period. Currently in the USA eight million women are affected by osteoporosis condition, and up to two million men. Therefore following an osteoporosis management program that can reduce the risk of fracture has got to be a good thing, regardless of costs. If a person suffers from a hip fracture it will have a major impact upon their lives; 24% will need to go to a nursing home to be looked after, and for people over the age of 65 the news is even worse, with around a quarter of hip fracture sufferers expected to die within one year of the incident.

    Latest Osteoporosis Research

    Phoosuwan and colleagues from the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok report in the Journal of the medical association of Thailand on the use of weight bearing yoga and its implications with osteoporosis. The investigation was geared to post menopausal women from the ages of fifty to sixty and information was collected on quality of life, bone resorption, and bone formation. The women carried out a 50 minute weight bearing yoga session three times a week for a twelve week period. After the period it was found that the mean bone resorption marker reduced by nearly 27% in the Yoga group compared to less than 1% in the non-active group; it was also found that the group carrying out weight bearing yoga had an increased quality of life with less bodily pain, better functioning an an all around increase in general health. The findings concluded that the use of weight bearing yoga for osteoporosis was beneficial with an improved quality of life and a slowing down of bone resorption.

    The Journal of Rheumatology carries an interesting letter to the editor from doctor Frédéric Sailhn. In it Dr. Sailhn reported of a case where a woman was getting increasing leg pains and was unable to walk for more than ten minutes without the severe pain causing her to stop. It turned out that the result of the pain was due to a osteoporotic compression fracture, the author then goes on to explain that many fractures of this kind can be treated very successfully by treatments and management.

    Featured Osteoporosis Site

    This weeks recommended osteoporosis site is the Medline plus site ran by the US National Institute of Health and by the National Library of Medicine. The site has links to the latest osteoporosis news and to information on the subject. It marks articles as being easy to read; ideal for the patient, but also carries more in depth information suitable for doctors and those who want a fuller understanding of the osteoporosis syndrome.

    Recommended Reading

    To tie in with the news of the ZP-PTH patch this weeks featured page from this site is the one related to Forteo (teriparatide). Forteo is an anabolic steroid that is able to regulate the metabolism of bone; the use of this medication is usually only administrated to people who have advanced osteoporosis.

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