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    Latest Osteoporosis News - November 24th 2009

    General Osteoporosis and Lifestyle News

    Science Dailythat links flaxseed oil consumption with a reduction in osteoporosis risk in both post-menopausal women, and in women who have diabetes. The Science Daily article takes a look at research carried out by Mer Harvi and colleagues at the NRC in Egypt; which is to be published in the IJFSNPH. Although the research is at a very early stage and is carried out in rats the results look very promising. The research made use of the protein serum insulin-like growth factor 1 and osteocalcin. These proteins are present at lower levels in rats that had stimulated diabetes or post-menopausal conditions. By feeding the animals with flaxseed oil it was found that protein levels could be returned to normal levels. Another interesting finding was that diabetes tended to impact bone health more than did a change in hormone levels; this suggests that diabetes may be a larger contributing factor to osteoporosis in post-menopausal women than hormonal changes! None the less it seems that flaxseed oil in the diet may be useful in combating the condition.

    There is an interesting article in the Daily mail about the British Olympic gold medalist and former tour de France cyclist Chris Boardman. It turns out that he had to retire from cycling due to osteopenia. The cyclist was noticing that his performances were beginning to suffer and so went through many medical check ups; it turned out that his performances were impaired by a lowering of testosterone levels. His family has an history of osteoporosis. Nowadays Chris carries out weight bearing exercises in order to combat the condition; so the bike has been put away and he now runs around 30 miles a week. Please note if you plan to run in order to combat osteoporosis that you should consult your GP beforehand as running can often have a negative impact upon joints.

    In the US a federal judge has dismissed a case against Merck over its drug Fosamax and it's link to jaw damage (osteonecrosis). The claim was dismissed because the 74 year old claimant failed to produce enough evidence for a successful prosecution. It is not all good news for Merck though; there are at least another 900 cases filed against the company relating to the use of Fosamax. This number is likely to increase if any of them prove successful.

    An article in the New York Times takes a look at the implications on a low acid diet in relation to bone health. There are many arguments for and against this type of diet, especially with it's effects upon the skeleton; it is well worth reading the article and following the links off of it if you are interested in this style of living. Unfortunately as osteoporosis is a silent disease most people start thinking of their diet only after being diagnosed with the condition, and therefore may have left it too late for a low acid diet to have a major impact.

    Latest Osteoporosis Research

    Barbagallo and colleagues from the university of Catania in Italy take a look at the effect of overexpressing the gene for heme oxygenase-1 increases has upon osteoblast stem cell differentiation. The research is published in the JMBB. They found that an increase in heme oxygenase-1 levels led to increases in protein levels of osteoprotegerin, BMP-2 and osteonectin. Supportingly inhibition of oxygenase-1 gene expression led to a lowering of both osteoprotegerin and osteocalcin. They conclude that targeting techniques using heme oxygenase-1 may lead to the development of a system that will increase osteoblast formation and therefore lead to a treatment for osteoporosis.

    Featured Osteoporosis Site

    This weeks recommended site is the one ran by the International Osteoporosis Foundation; this is none governmental organisation aimed at preventing, diagnosing and treating the osteoporosis condition, and is the largest such organisation in the world. The site carries osteoporosis news items, information on the latest research publication and an array of osteoporosis facts and figures.

    Recommended Reading

    This weeks we recommend that you read about the role of estrogen in the menstrual cycle. This article will help you to understand how the menopause leads to a change in estrogen levels, which can have a negative impact upon bone health.

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