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    Latest Osteoporosis News - June 29th 2010

    General Osteoporosis and Lifestyle News

    We will begin this edition of the osteoporosis news report with the news that Merck has lost their Fosamax case. They have been ordered to pay 72-year-old Shirley Boles $8 million dollars. Like hundreds of other people Shirley developed osteonecrosis following treatment with the drug. Merck faces hundreds of similar cases and as this case may set an expensive precedent they have already announced that they are going to appeal. It is important that anyone who is taking Fosamax or thinking of doing does not have a history of major dental work, as this is one of the major risk factors of developing jaw necrosis. Further reading on the case can be found at the Wall Street Journal and at Marketwatch.

    Many newspapers have been reporting that Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow has been diagnosed with osteopenia. The Osteoporosis Advice site wishes Gwyneth all the best and helps that she will become involved in getting information about osteoporosis out to the public. Already many publications, such as the Hollywood Life site are carrying stories about the need of Vitamin D for healthy bones.

    The FDA has approved the use of twice yearly injections of the drug Prolia for people with high risk osteoporois. WebMD reports that the monoclonal antibody is the first biologic therapy to be approved for the treatment of osteoporois. The antibiotic targets RANK ligands that are involved in the bone modelling system. As the long term effects of slowing down the bone modelling system are not yet known the treatment is only being recommended for people with advanced osteoporosis. Doctors are being advised to regularly check their patients for side effects such as Jaw Necrosis, delayed fracture healing and atypical fractures. At the present time 4500 people are being monitored by Prolia's manufacture Amgen. The long term results of the use of prolia in the treatment of osteoporosis will be very interesting to follow. If you are interested in Prolia you may find the following article in the Los Angeles Times an interesting read.

    Business week runs a story on the positive link between bisphosphonates and breast cancer. Two recent reports have shown that people who take this form of osteoporosis treatment are 30% less likely to develop invasive breast cancer. The findings are based on a survey of 155,000 women who completed a WMI survey.

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