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    Latest Osteoporosis News - December 10th 2008

    General Osteoporosis and Lifestyle News

    Marketwatch takes a look at the pharmaceutical company Zosano Pharma, Inc's new ZP-PTH rapid delivery patch. This new drug has just completed it's FDA phase two tests and was found to increase the bone mineral density in the lumbar spine in the trials. The drug ZP-PTH is a compound PTH 1-34, teriparatide and has been shown to stimulate bone formation; the use of a patch to give the treatment should helpfully be a much more pleasant experience than taking injections to treat osteoporosis.

    Forbes reports that Merck have a new osteoporosis drug called Odanacatib, that is at late stage testing; it is thought to be needed as a replacement for Fosamax that has lost millions of sales due to generic competition.

    Natural news takes a look at the impact of caffeine consumption on women with osteoporosis

    Latest Osteoporosis Research

    Vijay Yadav and collegues report in Cell that loss of function mutations in the LPR5 gene may lead to osteoporosis, whereas gain of function mutations lead to an incsrease of bone mass. They go on to show that LPR5 works by inhibiting the TPH1, an enzyme that is involved in the regulation of the hormone serotonin, which is itself known to be involved in bone remodelling by interaction with osteoblasts. It is thought that these findings may lead to a therapy that is able to increase bone mass.

    Shargorodsky and collegues report in Artherosclerosis of an investigation into the association between Osteoprotegerin (the molecular link between bone resorption and vascular calcification) and arterial stiffness; the survey was carried out in post-menopausal women who have the osteoporosis condition.

    Featured Osteoporosis Site

    This weeks featured site is Osteoporosis Canada, the site gives lots of details on the osteoporosis condition in both English and French. Although a lot of content is geared towards Canadian visitors on a local level, there is also a great deal of information that is suitable for all. Some of the features of the site include recipes for healthy eating, a 'risk quiz', and a page dedicated to FAQ's on the condition.

    Recommended Reading

    The Roche product Boniva is a commonly prescribed medication used to combat osteoporosis. This article on the Osteoporosis Advice site takes a look at the use of bisphosphonate Ibandronate in the treatment of osteoporosis.

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