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    There are four main estrogens treatments that have been approved for use by the FDA; these are Premarin, Ogin, Estrate and Estraderm. The ovaries naturally produce two major types of estrogens; estridiol and estrone. It is estridiol which is the most powerful and significant type.


    Estraderm is produced by Ciba pharmaceutical and is an estridiol transdermal system; the main oestrogen being estridiol. This treatment is not taken in pill form but is given via a patch worn at the hip or abdomen. Estridiol is absorbed readily through the skin and can enter the bloodstream, however both the skin and the patch itself act as barriers and hence moderate the speed at which the hormone can enter the body. Once in the bloodstream some of the estridiol will be converted into estrone. The patches normally last for around three and a half days and come at two main sizes, these being 0.05g and 0.1mg. The patches can be worn while going about everyday activities such as swimming and bathing.


    Premarin is manufactured by Wyeth-Ayesrst pharmaceuticals, and was the first osteoporosis estrogen replacement treatment to be approved by the FDA. The main type of estrogen present in premarin is estrone; this is rapidly converted by the body into estridiol. A dose of 0.625mg, taken orally in a pill, has been shown to be statistically significant in the prevention of bone loss.


    The main hormone present in Ogen is estrone. It comes in amounts ranging from 0.625mg to 5mg and is manufactured by Abbott. Unlike Premarin, Ogen does not contain equine estrogens and therefore is less effective gram by gram; therefore a slightly higher dose of Ogen is normally taken by the osteoporosis patient.


    Estrate is manufactured by Bristol-Myers. The main component of Estrate is the more efficient estrogen estridiol. The minimum effective dose of estrate is 0.5mg, and tablets come up to 2mg in size. Although the tablet contains estridiol, this is converted by the body into the less efficient estrone; this is to maintain hormonal balances, and the reaction is reversible, the body is able to convert it back into estridiol when required.

    Additionally there are many non-estrogen FDA approved osteoporosis treatments such as the bisphosphonates Boniva, Actonel and Fosamax. The use of bisphosphanates is the prefered method for the treatment of osteoporosis alone.