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    What foods are rich in Calcium?

    Calcium can be obtained from many different sources. The list of calcium rich foods below, which is a modified version of a table available from the UCLA, gives the calcium content in commonly available foods. For more detailed nutritional information on eating healthy foods it is worth checking out the food section of the dietary fiber food site.

    List of Calcium content in various foods

    Yogurt, low fat, plain, vanilla, coffee, 200g; 400 mg Calcium
    Yogurt, low fat, fruit, 200g; 345 mg Calcium
    Yogurt, nonfat, 150g; 200-250 mg Calcium
    Yogurt, frozen, 240 ml 240 mg Calcium

    Calcium fortified milk, 240 ml 400 mg Calcium
    Milk, nonfat, 1%, 2%, whole, 240 ml; 300 mg Calcium

    Cream, half and half, 1 Tbs 16 mg Calcium
    Calcium Fortified Orange Juice, 240 ml; 300 mg Calcium
    Ice cream, vanilla, 240 ml; 176 mg Calcium

    Cheese, Gruyere, 25g; 287 mg Calcium
    Cheese, mozzarella, part skim, 25g; 207 mg Calcium
    Cheese, Cheddar, 25g; 204 mg Calcium
    Cheese, American, 25g; 174 mg Calcium
    Cheese, cottage, 2% fat, 240 ml; 155 mg Calcium
    Cheese, cream, 2 T 23 mg Calcium
    Macaroni and Cheese, 150g; 240 mg Calcium

    Salmon, Canned, with bones, 75g; 185 mg Calcium
    Rhubarb, cooked, 240ml; 174 mg Calcium
    Oatmeal, fortified 240ml; 163 mg Calcium
    Spinach, frozen, cooked, 240ml; 138 mg Calcium
    Tofu, firm, 240ml; 258 mg Calcium
    Almonds, 240ml; 92 mg Calcium
    Beans, boiled, baked or refried, 240ml; 50 mg Calcium
    Mustard greens, cooked from fresh, 240ml; 52 mg Calcium
    Orange, 1 medium 52 mg Calcium
    Halibut, baked, 75g; 51 mg Calcium
    Kale, fresh, cooked, 240ml; 47 mg Calcium
    Broccoli, cooked from fresh, 240ml; 36 mg Calcium (a good source of vitamin D)
    Bread, whole wheat, slice; 32 mg Calcium

    Differences in calcium amount in cheese

    One of the noticeable things about this table is that all cheeses are a good source of calcium that there is a large difference between the amounts that they contain. 25 grams of Gruyere has nearly 50% more calcium content than American cheese and 12 times as much as is found in a cream cheese. With this in mind it may be worth considering cheese choice on your next shopping trip for foods high in calcium.

    A simple way of increasing calcium intake is to change your breakfast habits so that they have more foods that contain calcium; by having a cereal with vitamin D fortified milk instead of taking Toast for breakfast you can take a major step in the fight against osteoporosis. We hope that you have found this calcium rich foods list to be of use in your fight against osteoporosis.