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    It is generally recommended that people who suffer from osteoporosis alone seek treatments other than hormone replacement therapy such as bisphosphonates. The information below is provided for the small number of women who may undergo estrogen treatment.

    There are two main methods of taking estrogens; either through patches, such as Estraderm or orally via tablets such as Premarin, Ogen and Estrate. The way estrogens are handled in the body are different depending upon how they are taken. Estrogens that are taken orally tend to be rapidly taken up by the liver, whereas estrogens taken through the skin are rapidly circulated through the blood stream, and hence reach the liver at a more steady level.

    An advantage of taking estrogen orally is that the large amount of the hormone being circulated through the liver leads to a decrease in cholesterol levels. As estrogen is speculated to be able to interact with blood vessels the benefits of lowering cholesterol levels may not be that enhanced.

    One of the main reasons for taking patches is that estrogen is broken down rapidly in women who smoke; the lower steady circulation of estrogens in the blood stream may therefore be advantageous in smokers. It is very important that your consult your doctor when trying to decide which method of osteoporosis treatment that you are going to take, especially if you have high blood pressure, as one form will undoubtedly be better than the other. Personal preference also comes into play many women will not like having to take drugs orally and would much prefer a patch, and vice-versa.

    Hormonal treatments in addition to estrogen

    By far the most common form of estrogen taken is conjugated equine estrogen tablets; these are typically taken at a concentration of 0.625mg of estrogen per tablet. The tablets are generally taken for a period of three to three and a half weeks. It is often the case that the estrogen is supplemented in the third week by the use of progestins. The addition of progestins helps to lessen the chance of excessive growth of the uterus lining, and is thought to be helpful in lowering the risk of cancer. The progestins may lead to higher levels of cholesterols in the blood and therefore may increase the risk of coronary conditions.

    It is highly recommended that you have a long discussion with your doctor when you are deciding which estrogen treatment to take as your medical history will be very important when choosing the best osteoporosis treatment.