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    In sufferers of osteoporosis, bones become weak due to hormonal changes, this can result in an increasing incidence of bone fractures.

    Two of the areas that fractures often occur in osteoporosis sufferers are breakages in the spine and the hips. The chances of suffering from a hip fracture injury are as high as forty percent in European woman. This typically happens in the late sixties and onwards and typically affects women who have suffered from a previous low impact fracture such as a wrist fracture. The sufferer would typically have had a sedentary life, few children, had an early onset of osteoporosis and not taken hormone replacement therapy.

    Acute vertebral crush fracture syndrome

    The dominant symptom of acute vertical crush is diffuse pain in the back. The pain is most often felt when the sufferer is moving and maybe entirely eliminated when the sufferer is at rest. Vertebral crush normally starts at the T12 vertebrae and usually affects T8 through L3. The pain caused by acute vertebral crush fracture sufferers often reverts around the body, for example a crush at vertebrae T9 often leads to pain in the anteriorly rib margin as well as in the back, whilst a fracture of L3 is often felt in the knees and thighs.

    At its worst stages people suffering from osteoporosis fractures can often be in so much pain that they vomit or go into shock, additionally things like sneezing may cause immense pain. Typically after three weeks of bed rest the pain subsides, though it may reoccur upon further crushing of the discs. People who are suffering from osteoporosis often complain of severe and constant pain, if this has occurred beyond three weeks it is very important to check for other underlying causes, for example infections and myelomatosis. Often sufferers complain of pain yet an underlying cause is not found, this may be of a consequence of compression of the veins running through inter vertebral foramina leading to congestion and fibrosis of nerve roots.