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    Latest Osteoporosis News

    One of the most popular parts of the osteoporosis forums is the RSS feeds section; this gives the latest news on osteoporosis health issues, lifestyle and osteoporosis research. Many people have commented how useful that they find this feature and that it would be great if there was a latest news section on the osteoporosis Advice website.

    I had thought about running an osteoporosis blog to bring the latest news, and I may do so in the future. At this point in time I have decided that I would rather give a regular round up of what is going on in the osteoporosis world. These round-ups can be accessed from the table below.

    Osteoporosis News
    29th June 2010 Merck Fosamax, Gwyneth Paltrow, Prolia, Bisphosphonates 17th May 2010 Vitamin D dosage, Martial Arts, Osteoporosis Men, Screening
    20th April 2010 Eli Lilly Forteo pen, thighbone fractures, Strontium ranelate to treat osteoporosis 24th November 2009 Flaxseed oil osteoporosis, Osteocalcin, Chris Boardman,
    10th Novemeber 2009 Evista Cervical Cancer, Forteo, ZP-PTH, Yoga, Osteoporosis management 27th October 2009 Amgen drug Prolia (Denosumab); Vegetable lamb plant; Bisphosphonate use during pregnancy; RANK ligands
    28th September 2009 Depression and Osteoporosis, Natural calcium sources, low acid diet, Eli Lily Evista 14th September 2009 Fosamax osteonecrosis trial , Zoledronic acid, Reclast
    7th September 2009 Fosamax osteonecrosis trial - Denosumab - Arzoxifene - Genetics 10th December 2008 Odanacatib - ZP-PTH - LPR5