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    There are many measures that may be took to reduce the risks of osteoporosis, the earlier that these measures are took the more likely it is that they will be effective in the fight against osteoporosis; as the condition is very difficult to detect at an early stage it is important to be aware of preventive measures and to carry them out even if you do not feel that you are affected by the condition.

    Regular exercise helps to prevent the onset of osteoporosis

    One of the best methods of preventing osteoporosis before its onset is by taking regular exercise that includes a weight bearing activity. It is recommended to carry out three twenty minute exercise sessions a week such as bicycle riding, running or brisk walking. Additionally it is a good idea to carry out exercises that help to strengthen the back. There is a correlation between strong muscles in the back and the density of bones in the spine. Exercise generally leads to better posture, and will help to eliminate stooping.

    Cigarettes and alcohol

    Smoking more than doubles your chances of getting osteoporosis, though it is very difficult to stop smoking, your doctor will be able to offer you good advice on quitting. Heavy intake of alcohol is also a contributing factor to osteoporosis, especially in men, it is recommended to prevent onset of the condition that alcohol consumption be reduced to a couple of glasses of wine a few times a week.

    Calcium and osteoporosis

    Increasing the amount of calcium in your diet may help to slow down osteoporosis in women, especially if taken in conjunction with Vitamin D.


    For woman who are undergoing the early menopause it may be necessary to receive hormone replacement therapy (not recommended for the treatment of osteoporosis alone), such as estrogen treatment. If carried out within the first two years of the menopause there is a dramatic reduction in the likelihood of fractures occurring due to osteoporosis.