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    This section of osteoporosis treatment advice takes a look into the science behind osteoporosis

    Osteoporosis research

    Much work is carried out into osteoporosis in university research laboratories, hospitals and industry. The reasons for this scientific research vary from the need to further knowledge, to ease suffering or to earn money. In many cases all three of the above may go hand in hand.

    It is the aim of the osteoporosis science section to report on research that is carried out and written about in lay mans terms. It is helped that some of these pages may help to further osteoporosis sufferers understanding of their condition.

    The first reports, which can be found in the nav bar takes a look at the genetics behind the regulation of bone mass, and how peoples genetic make up may increase their susceptibility to osteoporosis.

    The next report takes a look into the lowering of fracture risks associated with combining exercise and nutritional stratergies.