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    One of the best treatments of osteoporosis is prevention. By recognising the symptoms of osteoporosis you are able to tell the stage that you are at with regards to osteoporosis and be able to change your lifestyle accordingly

    Symptoms prior to detection of osteoporosis

    The onset of osteoporosis normally begins in the thirties, and there is no way of knowing that the process is beginning; even the use of x-rays technology does not allow for the detection of osteoporosis symptoms at this stage. Though it is impossible to detect osteoporosis at this age it does not mean that you should not begin to take preventative steps, especially so for people who are in at risk groups such as smokers, people with a low calcium diet, and those whose family have a history of the condition. For people in this risk group it is important to take basic preventive measures such as a healthy diet rich in calcium, a weight bearing exercise program and if appropriate to try to stop smoking

    Detection of osteoporosis

    The detection of osteoporosis normally occurs between the ages of 35 and 55. At this stage there are no outward signs of the condition, but symptoms of osteoporosis can be detected by other methods. One of the ways of detecting osteoporosis at this stage is by x-ray. If you are having an x-ray it may be worthwhile to ask the doctors if they can check for any signs of osteoporosis symptoms. However, you should be aware that the condition is not typically detectable until after 30% of bone mass has been lost! There are better methods than x-rays available for internal detection of osteoporosis symptoms, these include photo absorptiometry and computed tomography, which measures bone density in the spine. If you are diagnosed with the symptoms of osteoporosis at this stage it is a good idea to start a course of treatment such as hormone replacement therapy to hopefully minimise future risks of fracture.

    Osteoporosis fractures

    It is often the case that the first time a person realises that they have osteoporosis is when a fracture occurs, often without a slip or fall. These symptoms do not usually occur at an early stage of the condition. Normally the fracture heals and the pain recedes completely. At this stage it is essential that osteoporosis is both detected and treated.

    Chronic pain and osteoporosis

    In bad cases of osteoporosis more and more fractures may occur, and deformities may occur during healing. One of the symptoms of this is often seen when fractures occur in the back, creating deformities upon healing and leading to a stooped appearance. This stage of chronic osteoporosis does not usually occur in people under the age of 55. Up to fifty percent of people who fracture a hip are unable to walk as previous and suffer much pain; many people may die within a few years following the fracturing the hip.

    To summarise, it can be seen that the symptoms of osteoporosis are often very difficult to detect, and are often not noticeable externally until the condition is quite advanced.